Insert, Update, Delete Data in MySQL using AngularJS with PHP

Hi, friends in this post we going to see how to insert, update, delete data in MySQL using AngularJS with PHP. AngularJS is a JavaScript Framework and it is a library written using JavaScript. If you are a new to AngularJS and looking for an example on AngularJS, this post will help you a lot. This post will cover on insert, update, and delete operations with AngularJS. We’ll do the view, insert, edit, and delete operations on a one page using AngularJS with PHP.

In this example AngularJS web application, we’ll perform the following four functionalities.

1. Get the user’s data from the MySQL database using PHP and display the user’s data in a web page using AngularJS.
2. Insert user data to the MySQL database using AngularJS and PHP.
3. Edit and update user data using AngularJS with PHP and MySQL.
4. Delete user data from the MySQL database using AngularJS and PHP.

Now we going to insert, edit, update, delete on one page without page refresh. In front-end page essentially AngularJS will handle the entire process. In the back-end, PHP will interact with the MySQL database and provide the corresponding requested data to the front-end and MySQL will help to connect with the database.



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